Teachers in service training on 16.02.2019

Teachers in service training on Childhood Depression (by principal) and meeting with regard to ISO and CBSE Affiliciation.

This study concluded that:

(1)Depressed children can be identified in the classroom with no indication that such identification is anything but helpful to the children and their teachers.

(2)Depression and learning problems are strongly associated, and therefore it is important to integrate learning disabilities and depression in terms of delivery of psychological services, either for differential diagnosis of primary and secondary disorders or for curriculum planning and remediation.

(3)Depression impedes normal teacher/pupil relationships and causes serious difficulty for the teacher in working with the child.

(4)A consultant approach may sometimes be an effective method of delivering psychological services to depressed children; depression is reduced and teachers can experience more enjoyment of, and less difficulty working with, such children.

(5)Dependency fostering processes can be identified as correlates of relief of depression; the most important of these concerns relational teaching styles, which perhaps has implications for teacher training, and, also, for research of teacher characteristics related to educational outcomes.

(6)Despite the confusion in the literature, depressive symptoms can be organized meaningfully and Anna Freud’s classification system seems to offer helpful constructs in the ordering of depressive symptomatology.

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