Education is a light that shows mankind the right direction to surge forward. It is the gateway to repositories of knowledge. The purpose of education is not just making a child literate, but education should teach him/her to walk alone with knowledge. It adds rationality to one’s thinking, makes one knowledgeable and self-sufficient. Education should develop the right vision in our children and create a generation of truly educated, refined and noble citizens, inspired and equipped to serve the world in various capacities, thereby fulfilling their lives.

The purpose of education is over all unfolding and gentle blossoming of the child’s physical, emotional, intellectual and spiritual level of his/her personality. Hence the caliber of an individual emerges from the quality of education he/she acquires from the childhood.

Parent entrust their student to us as toddlers and we send the students out of our educational institution as fully fledged citizen, who can hold the reign of the society. We are noted for “Unique Academic Excellence”. We have been chiseling young minds into intelligent, disciplined and socially responsible citizens of future India.

Sairam Vidyalaya is a culmination of a long cherished desire and dream of our beloved chairman. It is an innovative institution where children will learn in a most pleasant and creative environment using all the technological marvels of modern science and technology.

Our institution shelters young mind with great hearts and encourages, inspires every student to fulfill his/her dream to come true. 


One of the biggest reasons why education is important is that it helps us become better versions of ourselves.
We at Sai Ram Vidyalaya, Puducherry strive to develop well rounded, good hearted citizens of tomorrow that better the world with the tools that we provide them.
We inculcate inquisitiveness among children that would chisel them into a better person ready for the changes and challenges in future.
We also provide a platform where children would learn to value people and society through 7 Habits and SDG into our curriculum.
Working together as a team we believe that we can definitely leave a better world for our children by Building our Nation through Quality Education which is the moto of our beloved founder chairman Shri MJF Lion Leo Muthu who was a visionary leader.
Let us join hands together in creating a world where our children will have enough and also leave enough for their next generation.
Dr. N. Sudha

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