Food Festival on 12.12.2018

To create awareness about healthy food organized an intra class “TRADITIONAL FOOD FEST

Information corners, placards and display boards emphasized the importance of nutritious and healthy food habits.

Food outlets with a variety of mouthwatering homemade delicious dishes tempted and attracted each and everyone alike. Relishing and sharing the food, reciting and singing rhymes ensured that happiness reigned.

Little commentators through inspirational speeches, tableau, thought provoking quotes highlighted the demerits of consuming junk food, world food problem and solidarity in the struggle against hunger, malnutrition and poverty. Students understood the benefits of consuming healthy fresh food that meet the relevant food quality and safety.

Our Principal Mrs. N.SUDHA lauded the efforts of the students for being successful in spreading a healthy message. Office Superintendent Mr.L.KARUNAKARAN congratulated the students for their active participation and commendable presentation.

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